2021 AFIG Program

2021 PA DEP Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant Program Now open.

Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (pa.gov)

Guidelines are at www.depgreenport.state.pa.us/elibrary/GetDocument?docId=3790745&DocName=2021 ALTERNATIVE FUELS INCENTIVE GRANT PROGRAM.PDF <span style%3D”color:green%3b”></span> <span style%3D”color:blue%3b”>%28NEW%29</span> 6/23/2023

New This Round

The AFIG program will remain open continuously throughout the remainder of calendar year 2021. Submission period end dates are by 4:00 PM on August 27 and December 17, 2021 Priorities for funding for AFIG 2021:

1. Businesses whose headquarters or principal place of business are located in Pennsylvania

2. Zero emission vehicle (ZEV) projects

3. Renewable natural gas (RNG) vehicle and infrastructure projects

 4. Projects located in or predominantly serving environmental justice (EJ) areas (https://www.dep.pa.gov/PublicParticipation/OfficeofEnvironmentalJustice/Pages/PAEnvironmental-Justice-Areas.aspx)

5. Applicants that are minority, veteran, or woman-owned businesses

6. Publicly accessible alternative fuel refueling infrastructure projects and fleet charging equipment projects. The program changes for the Vehicle Retrofit and Purchase project category are: • No leased vehicles will be eligible under the 2021 solicitation. • Non-profits, including schools, and local government entities may apply jointly