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Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities advances the energy, economic and environmental security of the United States by supporting local actions to reduce petroleum use in transportation.

Supporting local infrastructure

We build and support the infrastructure needed for a strong alternative fuel and alternative vehicle market in Western Pennsylvania.

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We serve the needs of its member organizations through education, business consulting, development of grants, grant writing, and management of Federal and State-funded projects.

US Department of Energy

We serve as the designated regional organization for all U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities initiatives, including project funding.

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PRCC Requesting Bid Proposals

Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities (PRCC) has established a team and successfully proposed and was awarded a project by the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) to convert an inland waterways towboat to run with natural gas in a dual fuel mode – part diesel and part natural gas.  This project is expected to run about 2 years including a one year period of design and conversion of the vessel and one year of operational demonstration of the technology including measurement of exhaust emissions.  The project recently was kicked off by MARAD. The vessel to be converted is the M/V RON-CHRIS (soon to be M/V O.B. DEMENT).  It is a twin screw 56’ x 20’ towboat built in 1952 by St. Louis Shipbuilding and Steel Company.  It currently is powered by twin Cummins Model NTA855M diesel engines rated at 350 bhp @ 1800 rpm.  Each currently operating engine was built in 1987. PRCC is looking for companies interested in providing a “fumigation” type system, one separately for both main propulsion engines, on the M/V Ron-Chris.  This system shall allow the engine/s to burn diesel and/or natural gas (LNG) efficiently and automatically.  Fumigation is defined as the supply of natural gas in the form of LNG converted to gas and delivered as gas to the engines combustion air inlet system.  In the interest of sole source coordination, PRCC would like companies responding to provide a “turn-key” system but will accept responses for major portions of the system from LNG tanks to the final fumigation system mounted on or near the engines. All bid packages are to be submitted and received by PRCC by midnight August 25, 2016.  Electronic submittals are acceptable. Anyone... read more

On the Cutting Edge with Propane Power in Pittsburgh

By: Kristie Kubovic, Director of Communications, Shale Media Group Images Provided By: ProGas, Inc. and Sarver Landscape Maintenance Company Since 1946, Sarver Landscape Maintenance Company has been servicing Western Pennsylvania. The landscape maintenance company serves commercial properties, which include institutional, corporate, multi-family development, and industrial sites. After three generations the landscaping and maintenance company is now on the cutting edge. Sarver’s just replaced six of their gasoline-powered mowers with propane-powered ones. Adam Sarver, President, Sarver Landscape Maintenance Company, spearheaded the project. Sarver says the company decided to make the switch for a few reasons. “The biggest reason is the ability to control our costs. Plus a benefit of it is the ability to market and push for a green, smaller carbon footprint in an industry where all we really do is burn fuel,” relayed Sarver. “If we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint and at the same time control costs, it’s a win-win.” In terms of mowing, Sarver Landscape Maintenance Company is not the first in Western Pennsylvania to make this transition; however, they are among the first. The transition to propane mowers has been more popular in other parts of the country, such as California, Florida, Texas, New York, and Washington DC. Sarver first discovered the option of powering mowers with propane from reading industry magazines and looking into the sustainability of where fuel charges are going. After weighing the information, Sarver sought out Ron Schramm, President, ProGas, at the Tri-State Alternative Fueling Expo. ProGas, Inc. is a propane distributor in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio that services residential and commercial accounts along with propane motor fuel, known as... read more