Amped: The Benefits and Basics of Driving Electric Vehicles

Webinar series for Pennsylvania local governments, businesses, and residents.

National Drive Electric Week

September 26 – October 4, 2020

The number of electric cars registered in Pennsylvania increased 50 percent in 2018. Although electric vehicles are still a small fraction of registered vehicles, the trend is clear: More Pennsylvanians want to drive electric vehicles for work and personal use.

Local governments, businesses, and residents are increasingly interested in the lifetime cost savings: Electric vehicles need less maintenance than gasoline or diesel vehicles and cost 50 – 70 percent less to fuel. Many want to drive these zero-emission vehicles to help improve air quality in their communities. Others want to do their part to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and slow climate change.

Most people have a lot of questions about driving electric vehicles: What are they like to drive? How far will they go on a charge? Where are the charging stations? Is there any financial assistance to buy an electric vehicle or install a charger? Are electric trucks available?

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Join us for this free webinar series on the benefits and basics of driving electric in Pennsylvania. Our broad range of speakers, including both experts and new converts, will answer your questions, share their knowledge and experiences, and get you as close to driving electric as virtually possible!